Demo '14

by Novelas

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Recorded in late November, 2014.


released November 21, 2014

Alex - Bass
Nick -Drums
Kris - Vocals
Jordan - Guitars

Big thanks to Robert for helping mix it down and master it.



all rights reserved


Novelas Eugene, Oregon

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Track Name: Convalescent
Frozen faces
Tired eyes
They could care less whether you live or die
Endless cycles without resolution
Convalescence on a city street
blankets of snow
and unbearable heat
And you expect anything to change?

Hollow walls
Plastered grey
Sitting in silence, waiting for the grave
It’s easier to push it all into the corner, far away
Broken systems
Endless pain
Push them out to sleep in the rain
Mental healthcare is a fucking joke

It’s not my child, that’s not my son
He never came home from Vietnam
Drown in pills to get to sleep
Eaten alive by PTSD

We live
They’ll die
Track Name: Tanins
Can you feel the wood grain
And the pain in my skin
Bleeding like tannins
To haunt me again
Will I become a forest
With kin at my side
Maybe just driftwood
Washing up with the tide
Can you count the rings
On the day that I died
Weathered gray and broken limbs
The lines under my eyes
Will the stress have been worth it
Unescapable it seems
Will all I have in the end
Is sand and empty dreams?

Can you see?
Can you feel?

The wind has blown
My limbs set in stone